Is an app which (we hope) will create a new way of interaction between people from all over the world. The idea is to allow anybody, to reach any location on Earth, and interact with people from that specific place.

For example, Riilo allows anyone, no matter where they are located, to talk to people who are, or will be in Times Square, New York.

Similarly, Riilo enables one to interact with local people and find useful information. For example, if one wonders whether the local groceries store still has a particular product, he/she can just ask people who are at the store right now.

We are in the very beginning so Riilo is quite empty. However, as Riilo gains more users it will become more interesting; as we continue to iterate and build tools for our users, Riilo becomes more powerful and more useful.

Our vision is to allow every individual to freely interact with the world, and thus, we hope to bring the world closer together.

You can write to us at hello@riilo.com, you can tweet to @riiloapp, and if you wish to get the good stuff before everybody else, you can join Riilo Beta Community.

You can read our privacy policy here.